Trauma Surgeons Advocate for a National Trauma Research Action Plan

Dr. Tom Scalea, Senator Van Hollen, Jr., and Dr. Elliott Haut talk trauma research funding.

February 6, 2018–Today more than two dozen trauma surgeons, trauma program managers and trauma survivors meet with their members of Congress in Washington to raise awareness about the need for a National Trauma Research Action Plan (NTRAP).

In its 2016 report on a national trauma care system, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) issued 11 recommendations for improvements in the system in order to achieve zero preventable deaths and disabilities. CNTR’s proposal is for a systematic process that involves trauma researchers along the entire continuum of care–and in both the civilian and military sectors–to arrive at a national¬† agenda to tackle the highest research priorities with the greatest promise to save lives and limit disability.

CNTR seeks funding within the Department of Defense Health Programs budget to achieve this end.