Vertical Logos_noATSFounding Members

The founding member organizations of the Coalition for National Trauma Research are:

These founding members have agreed to the coalition’s Organizing Principles and are working toward the coalition’s goals to achieve a federal financial commitment to traumatic injury research, establish a national trauma research agenda, and create a robust trauma research infrastructure including a trauma research repository and a trauma clinical trials network.

The founding organizations continue to pursue their individual advocacy goals, recognizing that there is much additional worthy and necessary work to be done in the field of trauma and in many related disciplines. However, they remain focused on only the coalition’s primary goals when working together, and have committed significant financial, organizational and human resources toward the effort.

Founding member organizations agree to arrive at consensus on the goals and to allow the coalition to speak for them on related matters. They are authorized to use the CNTR letterhead and logo and may provide a link to the CNTR website on their sites. They will sign on to all federal correspondence issued by the coalition and provide personnel to serve on at least one of the coalition’s committees. Founding members agree to inform their constituents of coalition goals, activities and achievements. They may support other founding members’ individual advocacy initiatives, but are not required to do so.


Supporting Members

Many professional organizations are interested in CNTR’s mission and wish to support its goals, while their membership base and advocacy agendas do not align squarely with those of the coalition, and they are not able to commit many resources to its efforts. Such organizations are invited to become supporting members.

Supporting members of the coalition are kept informed of CNTR’s activities and presented with opportunities to participate in letter-writing and other campaigns. They may request advocacy support from the coalition for efforts that are appropriately aligned.

Organizations interested in becoming supporting members of the CNTR may contact the Executive Committee at The Executive Committee evaluates requests for supporting membership—giving consideration to alignment, membership base and other factors—during its quarterly meetings.

The growing list of CNTR’s supporting members includes:

  • American Trauma Society (ATS)
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons of America (CNSA)
  • Trauma Center Association of America (TCAA)